Intelligent market data

The importance of market data

For Dinex Aftermarket it is important to have a clear and global overview of vehicle information. Vehicle information involves both VIO (Vehicle in Operations) and product information (part replacement).

By optimizing our market insight, Dinex ensures an effective procedure when it comes to production, logistic, technology and manufacturing. Market analyzes do not only benefit Dinex, but also the customers of Dinex. Warehouse management and logistic processes are constantly being improved and shortens time to market.

An ongoing process

Data collection is an ongoing and never-ending process, which helps Dinex be the leader with reference to manufacturing of exhaust and emission systems for the heavy-duty sector.

More than 2 trillion bytes (2 TB) of Aftermarket data are being handled every year

VIO data (Vehicles in Operations) are being updated at least once a year

Benchmarking analyses are used for helping our customers in keeping their warehouses updated with correct Stock Keeping Units (SKU's)

All data are implemented on our E-commerce Platform which makes it a “one-stop webshop”