Innovation of Exhaust Emission Technologies

Dinex is the only manufacturer of exhaust aftertreatment technologies and systems in the world that develops and produces catalytic coatings, metallic substrates and silicon carbide particulate filters in-house. Along with all the vehicle-specific metalwork, Dinex is able to complete all vehicle-specific emission-control applications.

Being an in-house technology provider for canning, mixing, metallic and SiC DPF substrates and the corresponding catalyst technologies, Dinex is able to use this technology and product portfolio to customise the emission solution to the exact needs of the customer.

Knowing our technologies in-depth and having full control of our supply chain makes us the preferred technology partner, today as well as tomorrow, as we can develop and improve our technologies in-house without external involvement.  

In-house development is our customer’s guarantee for high-quality standards and one-stop delivery.

Dinex is the only manufacturer of exhaust aftertreatment systems in the world